Registrato al New Morning di Parigi il 3 febbraio 2003, Neal presenta i brani sia della prima parte della sua carriera e alcuni che appariranno poi nei lavori successivi.


Neal Casal 03/02/03 Paris, New Morning

  1. Freemont row
  2. Real Country Dark
  3. Sundowntown
  4. Keep The Peace
  5. Grand Island
  6. Maybe California
  7. It’s Not Enough (Johnny Thunders)
  8. Death Of A Dream
  9. Eddy and the Diamonds
  10. Freeway to the Canyon
  11. Fell on Hard Times
  12. You Don’t See Me Crying
  13. Free Light of Day
  14. Camarillo
  15. To Look for You
  16. Reason
  17. Just Getting By
  18. Old Manatee (Beachwood Sparks)
  19. Delaware Station
  20. St. Cloud
  21. Detroit or Buffalo
  22. New County (Beachwood Sparks)
  23. Too Much to Ask

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